Breeder: Shibui
Referring Breeder: Silverledge

Name:  P. Yoder     Location: Dallas, OR, United States

Whelp Date: 09/14/2018

Dam: Ebony  – Long Road to Sakonnet DNA-VP X W Lazy Jay DNA-VP

Sire: Jack – WTCH Shibuis Jack of Diamonds DNA-VP
(WTCH Andrews Tycoon x Rafter MTs Ruby at Shibui DNA-VP(Justus Cheers/45 Ranch Windsock) )

Puppies: 2 wht bi M, 2 Blk tri M, 2 Blk tri F, 1 Blk/W F, 1 BM F (I’ll be keeping 2 pups)

Registration: ASCA & AKC

Description:  Shibui Farm has been a growing sheep operation for 15years and I’ve come to rely heavily on Aussies for assistance.

In OR we have smaller fenced pastures to larger unfenced combined pasture and timber for grazing. My dogs have to work smart and have proven themselves.

Goals for the breeding are to maintain a high quality natural work started with my foundation bitch, Rafter MTs “Ruby” at Shibui and bring forward the “legacy lines”, some of the best past working Aussies.

Hopes the Jack X Ebony cross will produce healthy, correct pups; team players with confidence, work ethic, power, style, ability to manage stock in any venue and easy to live with too.

Please contact me for more information. Pat Yoder, Thank you.