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Posted 1 month ago by Raenell Doyle

Goldie has a strong presence on stock. Confident, biddable, a joy to work with. She just turned 2 so she is still in beginning training....

 Litters /  United States

Posted 6 months ago by Tenley Dexter

Hootie comes from a long line of superior working bitches (check her pedigree to see many ASCA FInals and ASCA Nationals winners in her background). ...

 Litters /  United States

Posted 1 month ago by Margaret Shelburne

This planned breeding was bred for active homes, Farm-Ranch and performance homes. Legend, He is a quiet and only barks when needed. When working keeps...

 Litters /  Arizona

Posted 4 weeks ago by Ann Daugherty

Boss is a loyal companion.  Extremely easy to live and travel with.  He is a tough ranch dog, able to dog break our keeping cattle...

 Stud dogs /  United States

Posted 9 months ago by WorkingAussieSource

Description: Close to his ranch dog heritage, Bear is a powerful dog, amazing stock sense, very biddable, cheerful, and always up for anything.    

 Stud dogs /  New Mexico

Posted 9 months ago by Working Aussie Source

Flint is our main ranch dog, helping us as we gather, sort, and move cattle. He is a thoughtful worker, who is able to work...

 Stud dogs /  Utah

Posted 3 months ago by Tony and Donna Padgett

Stubby is a powerful Red-Bi (minimal white) male who has gained respect and interest from all who have seen him work stock here on our...

 Stud dogs /  Georgia

Posted 4 weeks ago by Linda Bell

This was a Planned breeding by AI from one of the top ASCA stud dogs, Winslow. He is a Hall of Fame sire and was...

 Litters /  United States

Posted 9 months ago by WorkingAussieSource

Bull is an intense worker. Much like the dogs I started with. He is a hard headed dog. He has not shown any preference on...

 Stud dogs /  Texas

Posted 9 months ago by WorkingAussieSource

DESCRIPTION: Deets has strong working instinct,strong sense of group and is biddable. He attained his WTCH before the age of three. In 2016 Deets was second...

 Stud dogs /  Georgia

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