Foundations for Stockdogs: An interview with Sarah Martin – Part 1: foundations off stock

Sarah has been a wonderful new voice for the working Aussie for a few years. A protege of Elvin Kopp, she has a systematic take, a great way of explaining the whole process, and an emphasis on relationship and putting

The Australian Shepherd: Judging Compendium by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor

By Kristin Tara Horowitz Full disclosure: I have edit credits for the book in this review. I was sent a previous version for review and offered to do final edits while writing this review. It is truly an honor to be involved with a book of this importance having grown up on Hartnagle-Taylor’s previous works. The Hartnagles

An interview with Sarah Martin – Part 1, Starting to Use Dogs in a Cattle Operation

  Sarah Martin, of G-S Ranch, runs purebred red Angus with her husband and his family in northern Alberta, Canada. She is available for clinics. WAS: How did you get your first dogs? What did you look for? How did

Stockdog Corner: Development of the ASCA Stockdog Program – letter from ASCA 1976

STOCKDOG CORNER By Terry Martin in the Aussie Times (date unknown) After I found out on a phone call that my dear old friend Shiree Christiansen (Brushwood Aussies) had kept some ASCA material from back in the 1970’s (which happens to

The View from Europe, an interview with Sandra Zilch (S Bar L)

THE VIEW FROM EUROPE: AN INTERVIEW WITH SANDRA ZILCH (S BAR L, Germany) interview by Kay Spencer How long have you been breeding Aussies? What is your history with the breed? I had my first litter in 2000 with my