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Silverledge – Dillon x Deni

Breeder: Silverledge Name: Jean Taylor      Location: Edgewood, New Mexico Whelp Date: 12/29/2018 Dam: Silverledge Denim ‘N Diamonds2(Pincie Crk High Plains Drifter x Lor A Smart Little Lena) Sire: Peters Ranch Dillon(Hangin’ Tree Spook x Hangin’ Tree Roja) Puppies: Two males, 1 blue merle, 1 red merle, and one blue merle female.   One male available to a selected home..  Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailPrint

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Shibui – Jack x Ebony

Breeder: ShibuiReferring Breeder: Silverledge Name:  P. Yoder     Location: Dallas, OR, United States Whelp Date: 09/14/2018 Dam: Ebony  – Long Road to Sakonnet DNA-VP X W Lazy Jay DNA-VP Sire: Jack – WTCH Shibuis Jack of Diamonds DNA-VP(WTCH Andrews Tycoon x Rafter MTs Ruby at Shibui DNA-VP(Justus Cheers/45 Ranch Windsock) ) Puppies: 2 wht bi M, 2 Blk tri M, 2 Blk tri F, 1 Blk/W F, 1 BM F (I’ll be keeping 2 pups) Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailPrint

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W Lazy J – Lefty x Gin

Breeder: W Lazy J Name: Betty Williams      Location:Lewistown, MT Whelp Date: 06/16/2018 Dam: Ranahan WlazyJ Jingling Spurs (HOF WTCH Misty Ridge Spur of W Lazy J PATDcsRTDcs x HOF WTCH-X Ranahans Check-Mate RTDcs PATDcs AFTDcsm) Sire: WTCH Riverbanks Right Hand Man (HOF W Lazy J J2 Blazing Baron x HOF WTCH W Lazy J Rudie Mason)Puppies: Black Bi Male & Black Tri Male Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailPrint

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Boyd Ranch Aussies – Cowpuncher x Bosalita

Breeder: Boyd Ranch Aussies Name: Susan Boyd      Location:Mountainair, NM, United States Whelp Date: 07/07/2018 Dam: Cut’N Loose Bosalita of Boyd Ranch (WTCH W Lazy J Yippie Ki Yi Yo RTDcs CD x WTCH Cut’N Loose Mi-T-Sweet Rosa AFTDs) Sire: Boyd Ranch Hangin Cowpuncher (Rising Sun Adam Bomb by HOF SPCH WTCH ATCH-II OTCH Certik-Bertik RTDcs UDX TD RN RS-E-SP JS-E-SP GS-E-SP MAD AA AJ AG AR AS EJC ERC EGC. Out of WTCH Rising Sun Blue paper Doll) x Boyd…

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Rising Sun Farm – Rooster x Nan

Breeder: Rising Sun Farm Name: Becky Beckmann Location: Minnesota Whelp Date: July 4 2018 Sire: Cut’n Loose Rooster Cogburn (Cut‘n Loose Hondo STDc DNA-VP OFA x Bergert‘s Coda Denim DNA-VP) Dam: Rising Sun First Lady (WTCH CH SPRING FEVER OF RISING SUN  RTDc DNA-CP x Rising Sun Cash Flair DNA-VP ~ Our Flair is by Our WTCH Cattle Champion Cash & WTCH Hangin’ Tree Trouble Puppies: 2 Black Tri Males, 1 Red Tri Male, 2 Red Tri Females, 1 Red…

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GS Ranch – Will x Roo

Breeder: GS Ranch Name:  Sarah Martin      Location: Alberta Whelp Date: 06/28/2018 Puppies: 2 Red Merle Female, 3 Red Bi Female, 1 Red Merle Male Sire:GS RANCH GRIT’S IRON WILL (WTCH Spinoff’s Red Grit RD RTDc DNA-VP x WTCH Starlitt Boot Scoot n’Ta Billy RTDcs DNA-V) Dam:  GS RANCH THE OL’ SWITCHEROO (WTCH Twin Oaks No Bull Rush DNA-VP X WTCH Starlitt Boot Scoot n’Ta Billy RTDcs DNA-V)   Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailPrint

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GS Ranch – Will x Billy

Breeder: GS Ranch Name:  Sarah Martin      Location: Alberta Whelp Date: 06/25/2018 Puppies: 2 RBF, 1 RBM, & 2 RMM Sire:GS RANCH GRIT’S IRON WILL (WTCH SPINOFF’S RED GRIT RD RTDc DNA-VP x WTCH STARLITT BOOT SCOOT N’TA BILLY RTDcs DNA-V) Dam:  WTCH STARLITT BOOT SCOOT N’TA BILLY RTDcs DNA-VP (WESTWIND’S SUNDANCE KID STDc OTDds DNA-VP X VAQUERO’S HOPE N’TA SPIN STDcds DNA-VP)   Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailPrint

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Mekkado – Tenor x Coque

Breeder: Mekkado Name: Kathy Males      Location: Wadsworth, IL Whelp Date: 06/24/2018 Dam: WTCH FTCH Nineveh’s Coquin of Mekkado RTDcs RN (HOF WTCH Starstuff’s Rapture Ready x 3C’s Easy Goer) Sire: Starstuff’s Tenor of Heartsong STDcds (WTCH Heartsong Six Strings PATDs RTDcd OFTDm x Starstuff’s Silver Spurs STDcs) Puppies: 1 BMM, 1 BBM, 1RTM, 1RBM, 1 BBF Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailPrint

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Bakes – Boss x Khaleesi

Breeder: Bakes Aussies Name: Nate and Stephanie Bake      Location: Idaho Whelp Date: June 18th, 2018 Puppies: Red Merle Male (AVAILABLE), Blue Merle Male (SOLD), Blue Merle Male (SOLD), Red Merle Male (AVAILABLE), Blue Merle Female (POSSIBLY AVAILABLE), Two Black Females with Copper Trim (AVAILABLE), Sire: WTCH Bakes Baby Boy Boss (Mikaturas a Boy named Sioux X Finleys Cherry) Dam:  Bakes Royal Khaleesi (Pincie Creek Yosemite Sam@kidds x Up and Down Hangin Minnie)   Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailPrint

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