Sal Manna

TWIN OAKS: The California Branch on the Australian Shepherd family tree

[Originally printed in the 2010 ASCA Nationals catalog, it is reprinted here with permission of the author in honor of the passing of Roger and Audrey Klarer.] With Far More Working Trial Champions Than Any Kennel In History, Twin Oaks Has Achieved The Aussies’ California Dream By Sal Manna and Karen S. Russell “The most consistent, natural stockdogs today, trace their ancestry to a few predominate foundation bloodlines.  Las Rocosa, Twin Oaks, and Woods, are the fountainhead of bloodstock that…

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A Stockdog Trialer’s Prayer

A Stockdog Trialer’s Prayer By Sal Manna   Dear Lord, I truly understand why this is called a trial, For a team of stockdog and man requires power and guile. Yet on days like today my dog seems to lack the former And I am certainly lacking enough of the latter.   I sent my dog from my side to gather the sheep And he swung wide behind them, together the flock to keep. So why, Lord, is my good…

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