Red Oliver

AKC – Saint or Sinner

Red Oliver, ASCA Board of Directors Originally printed in the June/July 1991 Ranch Dog Trainer. We feel it’s of major historical interest that the story endures. In the late fifties, a small group of individuals got together to develop a registration system whereby the farm dog that had served rural America for 400 years would not slip away into antiquity. They developed a herding program, along with an obedience and conformation program for this old farm dog. They gave him…

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Is It Old Shep Or Old Aussie?

IS IT OLD SHEP OR OLD AUSSIE OR ARE THEY THE SAME? by Red Oliver This very short excerpt of a much longer dissertation on the Origin of the Aussie, is in response to a recent letter in the RDT. About ten years ago I started wondering where the name Australian Shepherd came from. An early premise that was the basis for my doubts and still is, is that if indeed, as some have stated, a few hundred dogs did…

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POWER-FORCE Aggressiveness-Domination-Authority-Clout-Influence-Command-Mastery Attack-Fight-Coercion-Might-Muscle-Punch-Strength Brutality-Ferocity-Violence by Red Oliver After looking in several dictionaries and after discussing the issue with anyone who would agree, I have come to the conclusion that there is no single term that will satisfactorily describe what is required by each type of stock or each type of rancher, especially considering that each of us has our own peculiar idea on how to train a dog to enhance his inherited power. While these are my own opinions, you…

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Commands and Corrections

CONFOUNDED BY COMMANDS AND CORRECTIONS? From the Unpublished Works of El Rojo by Red Oliver DO NOT confuse commands with corrections. Commands have very definite and precise meanings while corrections are physical or tonal in nature, a “growl”, a “uh uh”, or an “eh”, expressing pleasure or displeasure with the pup’s behavior. It is as important to let your pup know he is doing right as it is to let him know he is doing wrong. If properly applied, neither…

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Bopping and Rebopping: Is it a Requirement? Is it Ethical?

BOPPING AND REBOPPING: Is It A Requirement? Is It Ethical? by Red Oliver First, a Pre-Postscript; Recently, on the internet (SHEEPDOG), there has been a healthy discussion on the merits and demerits of physically correcting a dog in training; i.e. hitting the trainee pup with a staff, in order to impress on him those behaviors that the handler does not want repeated. Cyn-Dee (editor/publisher of Ranch Dog Trainer Magazine) has asked me if I would put a few words together,…

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