Linda Rorem

Webfooted Sheep Substitutes

WEB-FOOTED SHEEP SUBSTITUTES by Linda Rorem Ducks display flocking behavior in a manner similar to sheep and can be used for training herding dogs in the maneuvers to be used with sheep and other larger stock. Ducks sometimes are used to test very young puppies for herding instinct. A big advantage of ducks is that several can be kept where it would be impossible to keep sheep. Ducks are hardy, fairly easy to keep, and easy to transport. KEEPING DUCKS…

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An Aussie at a French-Style Trial

AN AUSSIE AT A FRENCH-STYLE TRIAL September 30 – October 1, 2006 , Wilton , CA by Linda Rorem Due to the logistics involved, it isn’’t often that trials are available featuring groups of 50 or more sheep. But beginning in 1995, an annual trial has been held in Northern California that has provided such an opportunity. The California Shetland Sheepdog Herding Club sponsors a yearly French-style trial sanctioned by the American Herding Breed Association. The trials came about as…

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A View of Australian Shepherd History

A VIEW OF AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD HISTORY by Linda Rorem Little can be known for certain about the origin of many breeds. With regard to the Australian Shepherd, various theories have arisen: that it is of Australian origin; that it is really a Basque breed; that it is of old Spanish origin. The investigating I have done indicates that none of the above theories provides the whole story, but together they may provide a picture. Histories of California relate that although…

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