Bud Williams

Ranch Dogs

RANCH DOGS by Bud Williams I hate to see so much emphasis being put on trying to prove that trial dogs are better than ranch dogs, or that ranch dogs would be better if we had more control on them. There is a huge difference between a good trial dog and a good ranch dog. There is practically no way to compare them. We have trials as a means of comparing one trial dog to another. The course for each…

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Training the Ranch Dog

TRAINING THE RANCH DOG by Bud Williams I was born on a farm in Oregon in 1932. My Dad’s insistence that we kids be “Good Neighbors” has led me through a very interesting life. I have worked on ranches or with livestock most of my life. I always had good dogs, so I found myself helping the neighbors get in their “tough ones”. One thing led to another and I found myself working on just livestock problems. Eunice, my wife…

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Moving Stock

MOVING STOCK by Bud Williams How do you teach your dog to continue moving stock in the same direction? This ability is especially useful if you need to leave your dog moving one group of stock toward the corral while you go out to bring in a second group. Following is an explanation of what I do. You may need to adjust the procedure a bit as each dog is different, but the principle will be the same with any…

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