Nate and Stephanie Bakes

Bakes – Boss x Khaleesi

Breeder: Bakes Aussies Name: Nate and Stephanie Bake      Location: Idaho Whelp Date: June 18th, 2018 Puppies: Red Merle Male (AVAILABLE), Blue Merle Male (SOLD), Blue Merle Male (SOLD), Red Merle Male (AVAILABLE), Blue Merle Female (POSSIBLY AVAILABLE), Two Black Females with Copper Trim (AVAILABLE), Sire: WTCH Bakes Baby Boy Boss (Mikaturas a Boy named Sioux X Finleys Cherry) Dam:  Bakes Royal Khaleesi (Pincie Creek Yosemite Sam@kidds x Up and Down Hangin Minnie)   Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailPrint

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Bakes – Kiss x Boss

WHELP DATE: February 2nd 2017 KENNEL NAME: Bakes Aussies    LOCATION: Blackfoot, Idaho LISTER NAME: Stephanie Bake PUPPIES: Total of 8: 1 Blue Merle Male (SOLD), 2 Black Tri Males (Both are SOLD), 2 Red Tri females (Both are SOLD) and 2 red merle females (1 is SOLD), 1 blue merle female (SOLD). All have copper. Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailPrint

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