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  • Stud service
  • Stockdog Judge (ASCA and AKC, including finals and nationals assignments)

Home of:

  • Hardins Chocolate Kiss was my first (1989) registered Aussie and produced my first WTCH …
  • Chickasaw Power Max  — Max was sired by WTCH Judds Chickasaw Dan.  Max was leased to Slash V and was the sire of Andrews Slash V Chickaspike, aka Spike.  Spike was sold to Norm Andrews in Nebraska where he produced many ranch dogs in Nebraska for Norm.  A few also went on to contribute to Aussie breeding programs such as Andrews Tycoon (Sharon Simmons; Finals competitor Skye – Susan Severns), Andrews Nebraska Windsong (Kathy Warren; dam of 2 time High Combined Finals dog Rook- Trish Alexander), and Andrews Tyche (Slash V has leased a daughter).
  • Slash V Buckeye Tess was the dam of HOF dam Hardins Fancy Baby Doll.
  • WTCH Slash V Ram Tough was the sire of several litters out of Hardins Fancy Baby Doll and Tough was a littermate to the dam of WTCH Slash V Hans Solo (2011 High Cattle and High Combined Finals).
  • Andrews Tyche is a Spike daughter that goes back to key Slash V bitches.  I got Tyche from Norm to bring back some lines to Dan with a Slash V base.  She has produced some excellent working dogs and is now retired on a ranch.
  • WTCH C-Me Hardins Black Magic Woman was 2013 Reserve High Combined Finals dog and multiple HIT awards winner and dam of Hardins Finnese (US Agility World Team  – Lisa Kurcharski) and Hardins Tennessee Titan who is currently at stud with Slash V kennel in Texas.

Current dogs:


  • Hardins Chickasaw Magic Arrow – is a Magic son and a littermate to Deb Domann’s Coup and Lisa Kurcharski’s  Mystic
  • Hardins RCC Blacksmith – is a son of Bruce Nelsons Apollos out of Andrews Tyche (I bought Tyche from Norm)
  • RCC John Wesley Hardin – is a son of Bruce Nelsons Right Cross Diamond (littermate to 2015 High Cattle and High Combined Finals —  Oxbow Chip of the Right Cross) out of RCC Pep (two lines to Chickasaw Power Max via Spike)
  • Buckaneer Lafittes Loot – is a son Twin Oaks Buckaneer (Multiple Finals and HIT partner of Tom Mhire) and Twin Oaks Hattie (an Andrews Tycoon daughter and littermate to Skye)


  • Slash V Turn on the Charm – is a Hardins Tennessee Titan daughter from Slash V
  • Lookaway Kiss upon a Star – is a linebred Judds Chickasaw Dan daughter out of a Slash V Ram Tough daughter that goes back to Hardins Chocolate Kiss as her great grandmother.

DESCRIPTION: Dogs listed under Current Dogs are young dogs just starting their training.  All dogs are on individual training paths towards their place in Hardins Aussies history.  Please note that our kennel is specifically based on descendants of greats of the breed such as  Judds Chickasaw Dan, Hangin Tree Dude, Slash V Paper Doll, and Zias Buckeye Charmer.  There is a detailed breeding program in place and outcrosses are planned to maintain genetic soundness and working ability to perform in the arena or on the ranch.  It is our belief that the genetics and working ability of these dogs will carry Hardins Aussies into the future.

  • Registry available: : ASCA, AKC
  • Owner : Rick Hardin
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North Carolina,United States RHRDNTN@GMAIL.COM

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