Daisy and Wyatt

 Litters / Posted 4 months ago by Jamie BURNS

Daisy, a blue merle with copper and white is a joy to live with.  Fun personality on and off livestock.  She will head or heel.  A little stronger on the heel.  Daisy learned to work with her mom, Rosa.  She started in open pasture at 8 months on 60 head of sheep.  She learned the job real quick to wear and flanking to the head to control the stock in a fetch to me then drive to the pens.   Although she held them to me, blocking  the gate the first few tries.  =-)   She is 5 and this will be her first litter.

Wyatt is owned by Jacqueline Tinker, a black tri that is a blocky dog. He reminds me of the old style  Quarter horses.  He is an intense dog.  He has a strong sense of  group.   Can be pushed out to work wider and still control his livestock.   I think he will be a strong sire for this cross.

I expect these pups to have a strong grouping instinct.  Be easier to train, but not want to quit easily.  I expect them to at the larger size of the standard with really nice agile moves.  Reservations started.

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  • Registry available: : ASCA, AKC
  • Sire : Wyatt - Sliding S Better'N a Real Job ( Winslide's Front Rider x Sweetgrass Painted Blue Skye )
  • Dam : Cut'n Loose Driving Ms Daisy ( WTCH W Lazy J Yippie Ki Yi Yo, RTDsc CD x WTCH Cut'n Loose Mi-T-Sweet Rosa, AFTDs)
  • Color : Black, Black tri, Black bi, Red, Red tri, Red bi, Blue merle, Blue merle tri, Blue merle bi, Red merle, Red merle tri, Red merle bi, Red factored
  • Lister name : Jamie Burns
  • Owner : Jamie Burns - Cut'n Loose
  • Whelp date (or approx) : June 2020
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