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NEWS: Working Aussie Source is under new ownership. Long time Internet community team, Amy Bradley and Kristin Tara Horowitz were invited by Kay Spencer (founder of WAS) to take over as she felt it was time to step away. We’re excited to not only continue the work that she started but also try to use the potential of this page even more if possible.

ask-plus-tell-1We support the ASHGI 10 Steps Program which was created for the purpose of assisting the improvement of the genetic health of the Australian Shepherd, and to encourage accuracy and openness in sharing genetic information among breeders and owners.

Who is Working Aussie Source? This website was curated and managed by Kay Spencer for many years before passing it on to Aussie web team Amy Bradley and Kristin Tara Horowitz.

10636269_10202694792598663_3131991481016051063_nAbout Amy Bradley:

Amy has been around working Australian Shepherds for fifteen years, training her two rescue Aussies, Simon and Molly, and devoting countless hours to running and stockhandling at various stock trials all over the country. She has also been active within the Australian Shepherd Club of America at the affiliate and national committee level, doing what she can to provide leadership and refining processes. She and Kristin first teamed up on managing the AussieBoard a long time ago and have been an Internet team ever since.

She recently launched her own business combining a knack for seamstressing and her passion for dogs  by providing primarily rugged-wearing dog beds for stockdogs and other performance dogs (though she does lots of custom things as well). You can check out her wares at All Weather Dog.

When she is not doing doggy things, you will find her in Everett, Washington where she works in commercial real estate and beer foisting.

11148731_10101947806601815_1007324616817778333_nAbout Kristin Tara Horowitz:

Kristin has been in the breed over two decades now. Formerly better known as Kristin Tara McNamara, she got her start at 12 as a Junior handler in the conformation ring and pretty much started doing everything you could possibly want to with Aussies until settling into full commitment to stockdog training ten years into it with her first stockdog, forming the basis for her hobby breeding kennel: Tara.

She has served at the board and committee level with the Australian Shepherd Club of America, and currently sits on the board of the Australian Shepherd Genetics and Health Institute, while managing a number of Internet sites (and historical archives) and Facebook groups for Aussies. She has recently gotten into the National Cattle Dog association trials as a stockhandler and announcer/points judge.

She runs two businesses with her husband in San Luis Obispo, California: an outdoor sporting events company and a rock climbing club/gym with two locations.

The Working Aussie Source Advisory Board- a board of stockmen and women who have decades, if not lifetimes, of experience breeding, training, and using Aussies as stock dogs.

• John Harvey  – Bar JH – California
• Dana MacKenzie – Hearthstone – Texas
• Terry Martin – Slash V  – Texas
• Betty Williams – W Lazy J – Montana

Advisory Board members serve in a consulting capacity only. They do not make policy decisions and are not responsible for the content of Working Aussie Source.

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