ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America)
STD — Started Trial Dog, beginning level (consists of two obstacles)
OTD — Open Trial Dog, intermediate level (adds center chute or pen, and a handler’s line)
ATD — Advanced Trial Dog, advanced level (same course as intermediate but with a more restrictive handler’s line)
WTCH — Working Trial Championship (prefix) (dog has attained ATD on all three classes of stock)
PATD — Post-Advanced Trial Dog (advanced course on six acre minimum field)
RTD — Ranch Trial Dog (special course set up to mimic ranch work, includes open field gather, sort, chute, pen work)
OFTD — Open Farm Trial Dog (intermediate course similar to Ranch Trial but within the size of an arena)
AFTD — Advanced Farm Trial Dog (more difficult course than Open, similar to Ranch Trial but within the size of an arena)

c, d, or s designation after a title = cattle, ducks or sheep. Titles are earned separately on each species. PATD and RTD are only earned on sheep and cattle. Goats may be substituted for sheep and geese for ducks. A further designation, m for “mixed” may be used after a Farm Trial title, designating that the courses involved several species

The arena course series (STD through ATD) use five patterns, A through E; A and B are the oldest and most common, C through E use much more work away from the fence line.

RD — Ranch Dog (noncompetitive observation in daily working situation)

There is no instinct testing program in ASCA.

AKC (American Kennel Club)
HT — Herding Tested (test certificate)
PT — Pre-trial Tested (test certificate)

HS — Herding Started
HI — Herding Intermediate
HX — Herding Excellent
HCH — Herding Champion (prefix) This title is earned via a point system based on beating a certain number of dogs.

AKC titles are not earned on individual species of stock (any combination is acceptable). There are three different types of courses. “A” is modeled after an ASCA arena course. “B” is modeled after an ISDS (Border Collie) open field course, “C” is modeled after a German-style boundary/tending course.

CKC (Canadian Kennel Club)
HJ — Herding Junior (test certificate)

HS — Herding Started
HI — Herding Intermediate
HX — Herding Excellent

AHBA (American Herding Breed Association)
HCT — Herding Capability Tested (test certificate)
JHD — Junior Herding dog (test certificate)

Standard Course:
HTD I, II, III— Herding Trial Dog levels one through three

Ranch Course:
HRD I, I, III — Herding Ranch Dog levels one through three

Ranch Large Flock:
RLFI, II, III — Ranch Large Flock, for ranch courses involving large groups of animals

HTCh — Herding Trial Champion (prefix, earned by third-level dogs who qualify 10 more times in their class)

The AHBA HTD title can have up to 4 suffixes: -d (ducks) -s (sheep) -g (goats) or -c (cattle). The title will always have at least one of these suffixes. HRD and RLF also have a “mixed” category for different species used during the same course.

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