Kay Spencer

Stub, the Best Cowdog in the West

STUB, THE BEST COWDOG IN THE WEST by Kay Spencer If you’ve ever watched any Lassie movies or were a fan of the tv series, you might remember a few scenes in which Lassie herded sheep. Maybe you were naive and thought she (he, really) was actually herding, or maybe you knew what herding looked like and realized all he was doing was following the instructions of his off-camera handler: run left, run right, stop. The performance was flawless, but…

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Inherited Problems in Australian Shepherds

INHERITED PROBLEMS IN AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS Aussies are generally a healthy breed, but any dog, whether purebred, “designer dog”, or mutt, can have genetic problems. In most breeds, certain kinds of problems are more commonly inherited than others. In Australian Shepherds, genetic disorders to be aware of include: • epilepsy • hip dysplasia • cataracts • auto immune disorders • double merle • MDR1 You can increase your likelihood of ending up with a healthy Aussie by following the “best practices”…

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The Genesis of the Working Aussie Source Website

THE GENESIS OF THE WORKING AUSSIE SOURCE WEBSITE by Kay Spencer “Truth is never pure, and rarely simple.” –Oscar Wilde “God wants everything to be known.” –Umberto Eco, The Name of the Rose One of the qualities of the internet is its common lack of “history”— so often it is hard to tell where, how, and when something came to be. So here is some back story for Working Aussie Source, for anyone who is interested in Aussie Politics. Since…

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Finding A Herding Instructor

CONSIDERATIONS AND CAVEATS ON FINDING A HERDING INSTRUCTOR With Apologies to Everyone From Whom I Have Stolen Ideas and Advice by Kay Spencer So, you have an Australian Shepherd and have a desire to learn how to move stock with your dog. You’ve realized that you won’t get anywhere except into trouble, without experienced help (perfectly true).What are some of the things you should think about before embarking on this project? Mainly, you need to decide why you want to…

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