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"Pard" - WTCH Winslide's Front Rider

OWNER: Chakula - Maxine Schvaneveldt     LOCATION: Idaho

Color:  Black Tricolor with Copper Trim

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"Bear" - Silverledge Night Rider CD, RNX, RAX, DNA-vp

OWNER: Silverledge - Jean Taylor

LOCATION: New Mexico

Color:  Black Bi - red factored

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Thor - WTCH NightHawk of DreamWinds DNA-CP

OWNER: Dreamwinds  LOCATION: Kentucky

Color:  Black Tri

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"Rush" WTCH Twin Oaks No Bull Rush DNA-VP

OWNER: GS Ranch  - Sarah & Kyle Martin 


Color:  Blue Merle with White Trim

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"Bull" Cut'n Loose Ain't No Bull

OWNER: Cut'n Loose  LOCATION: Texas

Color:  Blue Merle, with white trim

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