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photo essay by Nicole Rhodes

These photos were taken at the December 2008 USBCHA sheepdog trial at Fair Wether Farm in Versailles, Kentucky. Wendy Pinckney is handling her young Aussie, Trio (Double V C-Threepio STDscd), in Pro-Novice.

At the handler's post, just before sending her dog. You can just make out the set-out person and the sheep, over the hill and across the creek. For part of the outrun the handler cannot see their dog.

Trio has come in well behind the sheep and is making a correct, quiet lift at the top

Handler's post.

Turning the post

the drive away

through the drive panels

turning the sheep to fetch them back

Bringing them back past the post.

And to Wendy

Through the chute and done!

December 2008

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