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We’ve brought together articles from many sources here; besides those commissioned by us, there are re-publications from websites, magazines, and online discussion boards. All are copyrighted to the authors unless otherwise marked, and the opinions expressed are those of the writer alone. Please remember that there are many different points of view and training techniques–not all of them will be appropriate for your dog, or your situation.

A list of books and videos helpful in training loose-eyed breeds may be found on the FAQ page.

Ranch Dog TrainerAbout Ranch Dog Trainer: This bimonthly magazine, published from 1985 to 2002, contained a wealth of material useful to working Australian Shepherd owners. Working Aussie Source obtained copyright permissions from the publisher and is republishing the most relevant articles.

We Welcome Submissions! If you have an Aussie stockdog story or article to share, please send it to us! Don’t forget the photos if you have them.


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