BREEDER: Nineveh Aussies LOCATION: Lexington, OK

WHELP DATE: August 3, 2017

Sire: Vision’s Stack The Deck (Ace)

Dam: Wonder Hill’s Trick Rider STDs (Tricks)

PUPPIES: Avail: 2 RMM, 2 BMM, 2 RTM

Sire Pedigree: Vision’s Stack The Deck (HOF WTCH Pincie Creek Cisco Kid DNA-CP x HOF Pincie Creek Aggie’s Magic STDcds CDX DNA-VP)

Dam Pedigree: Wonder Hill’s Trick Rider STDs (HOF WTCH Cut’n Loose Roby PATDs RD x HOF King Cutter’s Stormie Nights)

Extended Pedigree for: Ace x Tricks

DESCRIPTION: This is a repeat cross.  Pups from the first cross are showing nice instinct and ability on stock.  Tricks is a very natural worker who can work wide.  She has passed on these traits to her offspring.  Ace brings in some of the old working Aussie lines and has proven to produce some nice stockdogs so far.  AKC + ASCA