Quill and Spur at W Lazy J

We’ve had a lot more applications where working ability wasn’t completely apparent and have had to reject people based on the way their website came across or what not. Since it is so difficult to vet from afar,  it was suggested by our advisory committee that we go to a new system, and we always listen to our advisory committee!

As of this posting, new Working Aussie Source breeder members must:

  • Have a referral WAS breeder to vouch for you, and
  • Provide video that shows evidence of your dogs’ working ability:
    – No competitive arena work.
    – Cattle, sheep or goats.
    – 2min or less
    – No music
    – Emphasize using dog for effective livestock management; open gathers/drives, pens and chutes, loading, sorting etc.

    – we realize that not everyone has perfect dogs doing perfect things, but we need clear evidence that your dog works on its own, with natural talent

We also know that pockets exist where one or both of these parameters cannot be met, exceptions may be granted given other excellent proof of your dogs’ abilities.