BREEDER: Little Spot

CONTACT: Pat Lambeth


SEX: Male

WHELP DATE: 05/16/2016

SIRE: HOF WTCH Ch Woodstock’s Jesse James

DAM: Little Spot Heels Blo Feathers ATDdOTCsc
COLOR: Blue Bi-Color

DESCRIPTION: Jack has a sweet nature, very friendly and motivated by attention.  He has been around cats and is not aggressive towards them, would easily learn to live with them.  From early on, Jack has shown a desire to bond with someone, and he will definitely be a partner.

His dad, Jessee, is known for his kind temperament, and is in his own right an all around performance dog.  Feather, his mom, is a strong cattle dog who hits heels, heads and even a foreleg with confidence!  She has the speed and drive to excel at agility and the like.

Jack has been on sheep twice so far and yields to pressure easily, definitely turned on to work!  He flanked wide and got to head in both directions on his second go-round.  He should be a lot of fun to train!  He is a quick learner, and has a strong desire to please.  He is athletic, and should be able to rise to whatever activities you choose to pursue.