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Posted 2 months ago by Kara Inge

  Lanes Red Bear ASCA/AKC (DNA Pending) X Beggs Lena From High Plains ASCA/CKC DNA-VP The cross was done with the rancher in mind, who...

 Litters /  Alberta

Posted 3 months ago by Tenley Dexter

Hootie comes from a long line of superior working bitches (check her pedigree to see many ASCA FInals and ASCA Nationals winners in her background). ...

 Litters /  United States

Posted 3 months ago by Elaine Burkhart

The puppies are 4 weeks old today. They have a very strong stock dog pedigree (all 4 grand parents and several aunties and uncles have...

 Litters /  United States

Posted 6 months ago by marti parrish

These two stars will bring us an exceptional litter of stock savvy, biddability, structure, soundness, and temperament.  Inquires welcome.

 Litters /  United States

Posted 5 months ago by Tony and Donna Padgett

Whelped: August 21, 2019 Puppies are here!! see our website for more information on available pups #1 Black Bi Male  #2 Red Bi Female (min....

 Litters /  Georgia

Posted 3 weeks ago by Mark Lane

Pedigree link here! Cooch weighs about 60 pounds and is a dark blue merle.  He naturally goes to both head and heels, and will generally...

 Litters /  Colorado

Posted 4 months ago by Karen Wimbush

The Tenor x Gem puppies are here!!  Double registered ASCA and AKC. CLICK FOR PEDIGREE Puppies: 2 black females, 2 red merle females, 3 blue...


Posted 5 months ago by Pam Watson

Both sire and dam are excellent cowdogs, will work both ends with confidence and presence.  Both dogs have been utilized to not only dog break...

 Litters /  Missouri

Posted 5 months ago by leslie white

This is a repeat cross. First litter was born in May of 2018, and all pups went to working homes. The pups show high drive,...

 Litters /  United States

Posted 1 month ago by Jamie BURNS

Daisy, a blue merle with copper and white is a joy to live with.  Fun personality on and off livestock.  She will head or heel....

 Litters /  United States

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