The Calcium Connection – Whelping tip

By Kristin Tara Horowitz This particular subject is near and dear to my heart because as I write this, I have a litter on the ground with this issue — I’ve seen three or four Working Aussie Source breeders come up with a case in the last month or so, and after 25 years in the breed, it’s totally new to me. It caused me to lose a puppy, and it’s been as much work as having a newborn baby.…

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K9 Influenza and the Traveling Dog

K9 Flu and Communicable Disease – Tips from a Pro by: Amy Bradley Last week I had the chance to speak to Dr. Cynda Crawford, DVM PhD (link: ) from the University of Florida. She is a specialist in Shelter Medicine and her PhD is in immunology and infectious disease. Outside of her numerous professional publications for the American Journal of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Journal of Internal Medicine and similar, she has been published in major news outlets such…

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