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Stockdog Savvy – ASCA Stockdog Title Tracker

Author Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor had a little package waiting for me after a particularly tough day . . . I opened it up and was super pleased to see something she’d told me about but I’d forgotten about – her title tracker book! This little guy is 39 pages of charts and what not designed to let the trialer keep a record of how they’re progressing in the stockdog program. My first thought upon seeing this was: this is something…

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The Stockdog Savvy Workbook, by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor

I think this is true for most Aussie people, but Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor is my first Aussie mentor. It started because her book (All About Aussies) ¬†was the first one I bought, even before I had a dog, and it shaped my perception of the breed. Her family’s kennel name is pretty much known by every Aussie person for this reason, and the photos in those books really set a “type” for me about what these dogs should be. Moreover,…

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Sheepdog Training, an All-Breed Approach

BOOK REVIEW: SHEEPDOG TRAINING, AN ALL-BREED APPROACH BY MARI TAGGART reviewed by Kay Spencer first published in 1986, second printing 1991, Alpine Publications 1986 edition: hardback, sewn binding; paper quality excellent. Many black and white photographs. Mari Taggart is a Border Collie trainer who both owned and worked with loose-eyed breeds at a time when herding training was almost entirely focused on Border Colllies. Her first book was Heeler Power: A Guide to Training the Working Australian Cattle Dog, published…

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Stub, the Best Cowdog in the West

STUB, THE BEST COWDOG IN THE WEST by Kay Spencer If you’ve ever watched any Lassie movies or were a fan of the tv series, you might remember a few scenes in which Lassie herded sheep. Maybe you were naive and thought she (he, really) was actually herding, or maybe you knew what herding looked like and realized all he was doing was following the instructions of his off-camera handler: run left, run right, stop. The performance was flawless, but…

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