Foundations for Stockdogs: An interview with Sarah Martin – Part 1: foundations off stock

Sarah has been a wonderful new voice for the working Aussie for a few years. A protege of Elvin Kopp, she has a systematic take, a great way of explaining the whole process, and an emphasis on relationship and putting

The Australian Shepherd: Judging Compendium by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor

By Kristin Tara Horowitz Full disclosure: I have edit credits for the book in this review. I was sent a previous version for review and offered to do final edits while writing this review. It is truly an honor to be involved with a book of this importance having grown up on Hartnagle-Taylor’s previous works. The Hartnagles

An interview with Sarah Martin – Part 1, Starting to Use Dogs in a Cattle Operation

  Sarah Martin, of G-S Ranch, runs purebred red Angus with her husband and his family in northern Alberta, Canada. She is available for clinics. WAS: How did you get your first dogs? What did you look for? How did

Stockdog Corner: Development of the ASCA Stockdog Program – letter from ASCA 1976

STOCKDOG CORNER By Terry Martin in the Aussie Times (date unknown) After I found out on a phone call that my dear old friend Shiree Christiansen (Brushwood Aussies) had kept some ASCA material from back in the 1970’s (which happens to