Coosawattee – Venom x Patton

BREEDER: COOSAWATTEE RANCH     Location: Georgia Lister: Tony and Donna Padgett Predicted Whelp Date: March 16th, 2018 Sire: WTCH Coosawattee Help on the Way, DNA-VP (HOF Dally Up Cowboy Cattlac STDc OTDs ATDd OFTDs DNA-VP x HOF WTCH Coosawattee C-Me Emmy Rose, DNA-CP) Dam: WTCH Coosawattee’s Georgia’s Poison, DNA-VP (LAS ROCOSA CLARK KENT ATDd OTDs STDc DNA-VP x WTCH Coosawattee ItJustComesNatural, DNA-VP) Pedigree Link Patton and Venom 2018 Click More for Video!

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Vaquero – Brandy x Pard

BREEDER: Vaquero    Location: Oregon Lister: Ken and Debbie Lyle Predicted Whelp Date: March 22, 2018 Sire:  Winslide’s Front Rider, OTDsdc, OFTds, RTD, DNA-VP (WTCH Hullabaloo Beau Billy BYU, DNA-VP x WTCH Winslide’s Willa Win OFTDs, DNA-VP) Dam: WTCH Vaquero’s Iron in the Fire, OFTDs, DNA-VP (HOF WTCH Justus Spin, RTDcs, PATDs, OFTDs, DNA-VP x HOF WTCH I’ll be a Legend at Vaquero, OFTDs, DNA-VP) Pedigree Link: Pard x Brandy pedigree

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Deets x Dally – Juliette

BREEDER: Juliette     Location: Juliette, GA Lister: Les White Predicted Whelp Date: May 2nd, 2018 Sire: Deets – WTCH Old Mill Diamond Deets at Coosawattee OFTDdsm DNA-VP (HOF Dally Up Cowboy Cattlac STDc OTDs ATDd OFTDs DNA-VP x HOF WTCH Coosawattee C-Me Emmy Rose DNA-VP) Dam:  Dally – WTCH W Lazy J Red Hot Dally DNA-VP (WTCH W Lazy J Sundance Kid DNA-VP x W Lazy J Flaming Spurs)

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Finley’s Steel x Chinook

BREEDER: Finley’s     Location: New Plymouth ID Lister: Francis Finley Whelp Date: 10/20/2017 Puppies: 6 – 1 Black Female, 3 Red Merle Female, 1 Red Merle Male, 1 Blue Merle Female Sire: Finleys Steel Chinook (WTCH Legends Starn Sweepn Tower x K-J Paintime Red Rosie) Dam: Finleys Chinook Wind(CCK’s Kidd State x Pincie Creek Drivers Chaco)

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Superfly – Sterling x Cerise

BREEDER: SUPERFLY     Location: BC Canada Lister: Melanie Zarchikoff Whelp Date: 10/4/2017 Puppies: 5 – 2 Blue Merle Female,1 Red Bi Female, 1 Black Tri Male, 1 Blue Bi Male Sire: WTCH Sliding S Do or Die Superfly ATDMs OFTDcs CD RAX RNX BN DNA-VP HAs (“Bart” HOF WTCH-X TWIN OAKS BLACK BART II PATDcs AFTDcs RTDc DNA-VP x “Skye” HOF WTCH-X SWEETGRASS PAINTED BLUE SKYE PATDs AFTDs DNA-CP ) Dam: Superfly’s Drop Red Gorgeous STDsdc OFTDs BN RS-N JS-N GS-N…

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Lane’s – Cooch x Bell

BREEDER: Lane’s Stockdogs LOCATION: Colorado WHELP DATE: Sept 27, 2017 Sire: Lane’s Mity Cochise (Colorado’s Mighty Bluedigger X Pincie Creek High Society) Dam: Lane’s Liberty Bell (Lane’s Buck X Pincie Creek Fancy Pants STDcs) Puppies: 5 – 1 Blue Merle Male, 1 Black Male, 1 Red Male, 1 Red Female, 1 Red Merle Female

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Rope X Hannah – Sagecreek

BREEDER: SAGECREEK     Location: Missouri Lister: Pam Watson Whelp Date: September 9th, 2017 Number of Puppies: 3 – 1 Red Tri Female, 1 Red Trial Male, 1 Red Merle Female Sire: W Lazy J Gone Ropin’ ATDcs STDd RTDcs AFTDc OFTDs RD (HOF WTCH Misty Ridge Spur of W Lazy J RTDcd PATDcs X HOF Crown Point Millisa W Lazy J STDsd) Dam: WTCH Sagecreek Ridin’ High RTDs OFTDs HRD IIIc (WTCH W Lazy J Cow Puncher RTDcs AFTDcs X HOF…

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Lefty x Bling – Justus

BREEDER: JUSTUS     Location: Washington Lister: Marti Parrish Whelp Date: September 3, 2017 Puppies: 8 Puppies – 2 Black Tri Females, 1 Red Tri Females – 3 Black Tri Males, 2Red Tri Males Sire: WTCH Riverbank’s Right Hand Man OFTDds RTDc DNA-vp (W Lazy J J2 Blazing Baron x WTCH W Lazy J Rudie Mason) Dam: WTCH Justus Bling It On PATDs RTDs ATDXds AFTDs DNA-vp (HOF WTCH Misty Ridge Plainsman RD OFTDs DNA-vp x HOF Justus One Tuff Oreo ATDds…

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Prairie Ridge-Storm x Rose

BREEDER: PRAIRIE RIDGE    Location: Montana Lister: Mary Moser Whelp Date: July 19, 2017 Puppies: 2 Blue Merle Males, 1 Blue Merle Females Sire: Twin Oaks Tsunami Storm Sire ~ WTCH Twin Oaks Black Bart II Dam ~ WTCH Twin Oaks Cinch Me Up Storm’s Pedigree Link Dam: Scarlette Rose of Prairie Ridge Sire ~ Sered’s Nova Dam ~ Intl CH Twin Oaks II Lil Icy Ivy KitSpin Roses’ Pedigree Link

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Pincie Creek – Choolie x Legend

BREEDER: PINCIE CREEK     Location: Dothan, Alabama Lister: Roger and Kathy Stevens Whelp Date: June 13th, 2017 Puppies: 3 Black Bi Males – very little white Sire: Pincie Creek Blue Bear Legacy (Hangin’ Tree Blue Bear x Pincie Creek Raise The Bar) Dam: Pincie Creek Choolie (Pincie Creek Yuma x Pincie Creek Lady River)

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Double A Ranch – Jake x Alice

BREEDER: DOUBLE A RANCH     Location: Montana Lister: Stacey and Michelle Gravenhof Whelp Date: June 1, 2017 Puppies: 6 Puppies – 2 Red Merle Males, 2 Blue Merle Males Sire: W Lazy J Spur’s Get Em Up Jake (HOF sire WTCH MISTY Ridge Spur of W Lazy J X W Lazy J J2 Red’s Cayenne) Dam: Double A Alice (Twin Oaks Cinnamon Sasha (daughter of Bull Tuff X Ora Dell) X Sweetgrass Deal or No Deal (Littermate to HOF WTCH Sweetgrass Painted…

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Slash V Molly

BREEDER: Slash V CONTACT: Terry Martin DOG NAME: Molly SEX: Female WHELP DATE: 11/4/14 SIRE: Hardin’s Tennessee Titan (Hardin’s \V Chickasaw Chief x WTCH Hardin’s C-Me Black Magic Woman DAM: Slash V Sweet N Whicket (Slash V Skipa Star x Slash V Bittersweet Frosting)

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Boyd Ranch – Bronc x Stirrup

BREEDER: Boyd Ranch     Location: Mountainair, NM, USA Lister: Susan Boyd Expected Whelp Date: November 13, 2017 Sire: Rising Sun Adam Bomb “Bronc” (HOF SPCH WTCH ATCH-II OTCH Certik-Bertik RTDcs UDX TD RN RS-E-SP JS-E-SP GS-E-SP MAD AA AJ AG AR AS EJC ERC EGC x WTCH Rising Sun Blue Paper Doll) Dam: Boyd Ranch Hangin Stirrup “Stirrup” (DJR’S Forest Tucker Of DWA &BRA x Boyd Ranch Skidboot)

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Bakes – Kiss x Boss

WHELP DATE: February 2nd 2017 KENNEL NAME: Bakes Aussies    LOCATION: Blackfoot, Idaho LISTER NAME: Stephanie Bake PUPPIES: Total of 8: 1 Blue Merle Male (SOLD), 2 Black Tri Males (Both are SOLD), 2 Red Tri females (Both are SOLD) and 2 red merle females (1 is SOLD), 1 blue merle female (SOLD). All have copper.

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Sliding S – Skye x Rider

BREEDER: Sliding S Aussies LOCATION: Caldwell, Idaho WHELP DATE: April 30, 2017 Sire: Winslide’s Front Rider OTDcd ATDs OFTDs DNA-VP (Pard aka Rider) Dam: HOF WTCH X Sweetgrass Painted Blue Skye PATDs OFTDs DNA-CP PUPPIES: Total of 4: 1 Blue Merle Female, 2 Black Tri Males, 1 Black Bi Male.

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Starstuff – Killian x Kat

WHELP DATE: February 2017 BREEDER: Starstuff     LOCATION: Manchester, Michigan, US SIRE: WTCH Starstuff’s Killian Qwick DNA-VP (HOF WTCH Rising Sun Qwick Draw RTDcs x Starstuff’s Play the Piper) DAM: Turkey Run Black BearKat DNA-VP (HOF WTCH OTCH ATCH-II SPCH PCH Certik Bertik UDX TD RTDcs x Sixbits Motor City Chick)

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