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Sagecreek – Punch x Mesa

Breeder: Sagecreek Name: Pam Watson Location: Missouri Whelp Date: June 6 Puppies: 1 Black Male, 1 Red Male, 2 Red Merle Females, 1 Black Female Sire: WTCH HTCH W Lazy J Cow Puncher RTDcs AFTDcs HRDIIIcs HTADIIIcsd RD (Rockngs Kodiak Bear x Lor A Golden Zephyr) Dam:  WTCH W Lazy J Montana Mesa (Misty Ridge Spur of W Lazy J x W Lazy J Blue Belle) Share or Print!FacebookTwitteremailPrint

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Riverbank – Molly x Lefty

Breeder: Riverbank Name: Matt Mason Location: New Hampshire Whelp Date: April 23rd, 2018 Puppies: 3 Red Tri Males, 2 Red Tri Females, 2 Black Tri Males Dam: Riverbank’s Red Hot Tamale (Stonecircle Phoenix Ris N X Riverbank’s Aysa Mason ATDcd OTDs OFTDdsc) Sire: WTCH Riverbank’s Right Hand Man (WTCH W Lazy J Rudie Mason X W Lazy J J2 Blazing Baron) Share or Print!FacebookTwitteremailPrint

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Just Plain – Smitty x Kat

Breeder: Just Plain Name: Sue Kelly Location: Michigan Whelp Date: 04/18/2018 Dam: Hearthstone’s Katalena STDcsd DNA-VP (WTCH Justus Spin x WTCH W Lazy J U Betcha) Sire: Hardin’s RCC Blacksmith DNA-VP (WTCH Right Cross Apollos x Andrews Tyche) Share or Print!FacebookTwitteremailPrint

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Chuckanut – Jewel x Mouzer

Breeder: Chuckanut Name: Jan Wesen Location: Washington Whelp Date: 04/15/2018 Dam: HC SDCH WTCH-X Chuckanut Jewel of Gemstone Blu RTDcs PATDs OFTDsc HXAdsc,HXBds, HSBdc HTADsc111 DNA VP 2017 Champion Cattle Dog Sire: SDCH WTCH-X Beret’s Mouzer 2018 Sheep Champion Share or Print!FacebookTwitteremailPrint

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Brushy Creek – Nadine x Bull

BREEDER: Brushy Creek  – Robert Clark  Location: Texas Referring Member: Jamie Burns – Cut’n Loose Whelp Date: April 25, 2018 Puppies: 2 blue males 1 black-bi male and a blue female Sire: Cut’n Lose Ain’t No Bull STDcs (WTCH Aggielands Rowdy Barfight x WTCH Cut’n Loose Mi-T-Sweet Rosa AFTDs) Dam: WTCH Cut’n Loose Cowgirl Up RTDc (Cut’n Loose Hondo STDcs x Bergert’s Coda Denim STDs DNA-VP) Click More for Descriptions     Share or Print!FacebookTwitteremailPrint

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Vaquero – Brandy x Pard

BREEDER: Vaquero    Location: Oregon Lister: Ken and Debbie Lyle Whelp Date: March 22, 2018 Puppies: 6 – 1 Blue Merle Male, 1 Blue Bi Female, 3 Blue Merle Female, 1 Red Merle Female Sire:  WTCh Winslide’s Front Rider, OFTds, RTD, DNA-VP (WTCH Hullabaloo Beau Billy BYU, DNA-VP x WTCH Winslide’s Willa Win OFTDs, DNA-VP) Dam: WTCH Vaquero’s Iron in the Fire, OFTDs, DNA-VP (HOF WTCH Justus Spin, RTDcs, PATDs, OFTDs, DNA-VP x HOF WTCH I’ll be a Legend at…

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Deets x Dally – Juliette

BREEDER: Juliette     Location: Juliette, GA Lister: Les White Whelp date: May 23 Puppies available:  three females Sire: Deets – WTCH Old Mill Diamond Deets at Coosawattee OFTDdsm DNA-VP (HOF Dally Up Cowboy Cattlac STDc OTDs ATDd OFTDs DNA-VP x HOF WTCH Coosawattee C-Me Emmy Rose DNA-VP) Dam:  Dally – WTCH W Lazy J Red Hot Dally DNA-VP (WTCH W Lazy J Sundance Kid DNA-VP x W Lazy J Flaming Spurs) Share or Print!FacebookTwitteremailPrint

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