OWNER: Cut’n Loose  LOCATION: Texas

Color:  Blue Merle, with white trim

WHELP DATE: 12/17/2011

Name of Dam: WTCH Cut’n Loose Mi-T-Sweet Rosa, AFTDs, RTDs (HOF Cut’n Loose Mi-T-Tuff Outlaw STDd (Ted) x HOF Cut’n Loose MiKinda Sweet, ATDsd, OFTDs, RTDs (Honey))

Sire’s Parentage: WTCH Aggieland’s Rowdy Bar Fight (Slash V Steel Smoke x Aggieland’s Valentine Candy 02)

Registries available: AKC, ASCA

Pedigree Link: Bull’s Pedigree

Bull is an intense worker. Much like the dogs I started with. He is a hard headed dog. He has not shown any preference on biting either end of a cow yet – he hits both. He can definitely stop something that keeps leaving the herd. On ewes with lambs he adjust to rate the stock movement without injuring any newborns. Click Here to read more about Bull!