Red Bluff – Idaho


Dave and Neva Bledsoe, Challis, Idaho
– 208-940-1621

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DOGS BRED: Tess and Kali

DESCRIPTION: Ty is 3 yrs old and is our stud dog. He has his started titles on sheep and cattle. He is a strong dog with a lot of presence. He will bite both ends, and will gather and drive. He is very biddable and obedient. Good with all people and other dogs.

Kali is 1 1/2 yrs. old. She is started, and woks goats with confidence, but prefers cattle. She works her cattle with a little more finesse than Ty, stays out of the flight zone more naturally, yet will bite when needed.

Tess is 2 yrs. old. She lives with our daughter in the city. Although not a full time stock dog, she has been started and show the same work ethic as the their three. Really strong working heritage from Hanging Tree and Slash V bloodlines.

Tuffy is our newest dog purchased from Lyle and Carl Gerken. She is 3 yrs old. She has Hanging Tree, Pincie Creek, and Woods in her bloodlines. She has not trained a lot, but is started and shows a lot of bite and athleticism. She’s a workaholic and strong presence too.

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