Makin 8 – Kentucky


Breeder Picture

Tenley Dexter, Fairplay, KY –

  • working-bred puppies
  • stockdog training
  • herding lessons
  • clinics
  • occasional experienced working dogs for sale
  • dog broke hair sheep and lambs for sale
  • dog broke sheep and cattle for rent for trials and clinics
  • clinics and lessons teaching people to train useful, obedient working partners for their stockdog needs
  • experienced with many breeds and will work with any breed

Home of:

  • WTCH C HANGIN ‘5 ANNIE’S BREEZE, Hall Of Fame Dam #169, 2007 ASCA Cattle Finals Reserve Champion (to her daughter Makin’ 8 Tuff E Nuff, see below)
  • WTCH MAKIN’8 TUFF E NUFF, Hall of Fame Dam #360, 2007 ASCA Cattle Finals Champion, Finals High Combined Dog, ASCA Natls High Combined Dog
  •  WTCH MAKIN’8 SKAT KAT, 2011 ASCA Sheep Finals Champion, many Natls placings
  • WTCH J BAR D MAKIN’8 SNIP, 2011 ASCA Duck Finals Champion, 20 ASCA Sheep Finals Reserve Champion, many Natls placings
  • WTCH MAKIN’8 SEEING STARS, 2007 ASCA Sheep Finals Champion, ASCA Natls High in Trial Sheep Dog, High in Trial Duck Dog, High In Trial Overall Dog
  • WTCH MAKIN’8 HANGIN’ IN THE DEES, numerous ASCA Finals placings, producer of many a fine working and trialing dogs.
  • WTCH MAKIN’8 SCOUT, 2007 ASCA Natls sheep placer
  • WTCH MAKIN’8 JUST A DREAM, numerous HITs and honors at ASCA Natls
  • ….not to mention numerous chore dogs extraordinaire that will never see a trial!

DESCRIPTION: I strive to breed useful, sane, naturally talented and biddable working Aussies. They have power, heart, intense concentration and the drive to work for you — not against you — to get the job done. Emphasis on sound bodies, sound minds and friendly temperaments that make them marvelous companions as well as indispensable time-saving help with your stock work. Pups and dogs are farm-raised, working daily with ewes, rams, lambs and feeder cattle. All breeding dogs and bitches are hip OFA’d and eye CERF certified and dual registered with ASCA and AKC.

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