Hullabaloo – Texas


Mike & Melinda May – Fredericksburg, TX  USA

830-456-2941- –

  • Started dogs occasionally
  • Puppies occasionally
  • Stud service
  • Stockdog training
  • Herding lessons
  • Training sheep available occasionally

Home of:

  • WTCH Hullabaloo Inspired By U, DNA-VP
  • Hullabaloo U Bet I’m Frisky, OTDsd, STDc, DNA-VP
  • Hullabaloo Beau’s BluEye Hazel, DNA-VP
  • W Lazy J Black Pearl @ Hullabaloo, DNA-VP
  • HOF WTCH Choctaw Frisky Inspirator, RTDcs, RD, DNA-CP (deceased)
  • WTCH Hullabaloo Opie Taylor Mayd, RTDcs, DNA-VP (deceased)
  • WTCH Crown Point CricketOnTheHearth, PATDs, RTDs, DNA-VP, HTD-Isc, HRD-IIs (deceased)
  • HOF WTCH W Lazy J U Betcha, DNA-VP (co-owned with Dana Mackenzie)

Breeder of:

  • Hullabaloo’s Mr. Bo Jangles, OFTDds, ATDds, RTDs, OTDc, DNA-VP
  • Hearthstone’s U Bet IAm, STDc, OTDd, ATDs, DNA-VP
  • WTCH Hullabaloo Beau Billy ByU, OFTDs, DNA-VP
  • Hullabaloo’s Viksu Susi, STDc, OTDds
  • WTCH Hullabaloo U Bet I Can, RTDs, DNA-VP
  • Hearthstone’s Katalena, STDcds, DNA-VP

Our primary focus is a dog of strong mental attitude that can stand up to cattle, yet is a willing partner; trainable and able to do a full days work. We highly value dogs that exhibit a strong sense of group, are equally strong on both ends, have the power to move challenging stock (primarily cattle), and are generally quiet, confident workers. Dogs that can pasture gather with minimal direction are of high importance in our program. We find the beauty of the breed is in its capable way of handling livestock all day and is also a loving, family dog when the day is done.

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