CowboyLove – Oklahoma

Cowboy Love Aussies

Rita & Ronny Love, Lawton, OK – – 580-581-7523


  • puppies occasionally
  • stud service
  • started dogs occasionally

DESCRIPTION: Here at CowboyLove Australian Shepherds, we have been raising, training, working, and loving aussies since 1979. We take pride in the fact that we consider ourselves to be “students” of the Australian shepherd breed in order to find, breed and raise the type of stock dogs we have. Our breeding lines include Slash V, Hangin’ Tree, Trio Farms, Twin Oaks, Windsong, 45 Ranch, Hearthstone and W Lazy J. Our dogs tend to be quiet, strong cattle dogs that are a pleasure to live and work with. We strive to produce dogs that are structurally correct, with a solid temperament, sound mind, athletic, and are easily trained. Our dogs are tough and gritty and extremely loyal. We will always strive to preserve and enhance the Aussie working instinct.

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