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The Breeders Directory is reserved for those who are producing Australian Shepherds primarily as a using dog for livestock work and stockdog trials. Our goal is to provide those who are looking for an Australian Shepherd purpose-bred to control livestock with a directory of breeders of that specific kind of dog. To help you decide whether your kennel and our website are a fit, we invite you to consider the following questions:

  • Are your own dogs used regularly for ranch and farm chores?
  • Are the immediate ancestors of your dogs working-bred?
  • Would a typical dog of your breeding, with some basic training, be a useful employee at a stockyard, cattle or sheep ranch, or farm?
  • Does your puppy contract include a ‘guaranteed-to-work’ clause?
  • Do the majority of your puppies go to ranch, farm, and working trial homes?

If you confidently can answer YES! to the above, welcome! We love expanding our ability to serve the working Aussie community. To have your kennel added to our directory, you need to complete our info form, and send it to us with a photo and your annual listing fee.

NOTE: Please bear in mind that all submissions are reviewed by our board before acceptance. Your website, if any, is read carefully, your dogs’ pedigrees are examined, and if more information still seems necessary. People who may know you and your dogs are contacted. Only breeders who truly appear to be producing working-bred Australian Shepherds primarily for livestock management are accepted. Although there can be no guarantees, it is only by this effort that Working Aussie Source can continue as a useful breeder directory.

WHAT IT COSTS AND HOW TO PAY: Listing costs $30 US per year.

We accept $US checks, $US money orders, and Paypal (which is international, and very simple and safe to use). We will invoice you. Sorry, we are not able to accept foreign checks or money orders (including Canadian), except those drawn on US banks.


  • a full page ad on Working Aussie Source, and one update a year
  • litter announcements and Dogs For Sale ads at no extra charge
  • the ability to provide reference for nonmembers wishing to list litters or dogs

HOW TO SIGN UP: Fill out the form below. You may also Email Us a photo to accompany your text. If you only have a hard copy of your photo and no scanner, you can send us your photo and we will scan it for the internet, and return it to you promptly. You can also send us your page text by mail if you wish. Please contact us for more information.

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