Anne Jespersen

How To Know If You’re Ready To Trial

HOW TO KNOW IF YOU’RE READY TO TRIAL by Anne Jespersen These are the guidelines I keep in mind for myself which may be helpful for other people who are training their first or second dog and are wondering when to enter him/her in an ASCA trial for the first time. 1. You will lose about 3 months of regular training when you go from a familiar place to a trial setting with new stock and trial nerves on your…

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Getting a Stop

GETTING A STOP by Anne Jespersen Question: I wanted to start herding and slowly I am, but how do I get my dog to stop on command? Once she is on the sheep she won’t stop. I try to get her to down – nothing; come—nothing, so I walk away and call her from the house, and then it clicks that I have left her and she comes. Anne responds: I try hard not to put the dogs in a…

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