Slash V Molly

BREEDER: Slash V CONTACT: Terry Martin DOG NAME: Molly SEX: Female     WHELP DATE: 11/4/14 SIRE: Hardin’s Tennessee Titan (Hardin’s \V Chickasaw Chief x WTCH Hardin’s C-Me Black Magic Woman DAM: Slash V Sweet N Whicket (Slash V Skipa Star x Slash V Bittersweet Frosting)

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Stockdog Corner: Development of the ASCA Stockdog Program – letter from ASCA 1976

STOCKDOG CORNER By Terry Martin in the Aussie Times (date unknown) After I found out on a phone call that my dear old friend Shiree Christiansen (Brushwood Aussies) had kept some ASCA material from back in the 1970’s (which happens to be when the original ASCA Stockdog Program was written), she offered to send it to me. (Thanks, Shiree) So this is going to be a historical discussion of a time far different than the present.  This was a time when…

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Stockdog Corner: Early Evolution of the ASCA Stockdog Program Scoresheet

STOCKDOG CORNER By Terry Martin in the Aussie Times (date unknown) In my last column I told you about some very interesting historical material I had received regarding the beginning of the ASCA Stockdog Program.  The score sheet below [WAS ed note: we don’t have the score sheet images] was included with the first program dated 1976 (when it went to the Affiliate clubs).  It is extremely interesting when compared to today’s score sheet and those that have been used in…

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Stockdog Corner: The Evolution of ASCA at the Affiliate Level and Stockdog Program

STOCKDOG CORNER by Terry Martin in the Aussie Times (date unknown) I had an interesting discussion the other day with someone in another working breed.  Like myself, she had been in the dogs for a long time and started out with working dogs, but when she discovered the shows in the 1970’s  she began showing her dogs in conformation.  That was my story too as when I first had Aussies I did not know anything about the world of purebred dogs…

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Stockdog Corner: How much impact does a breed club program have on a breed?

STOCKDOG CORNER By Terry Martin as published in the Aussie Times (date unknown) I badly missed my deadline with company here and got a reprieve so decided to do something I have thought about doing before (usually when I can’t think of a topic to write about).  How about a trip into the past?  To go back farther than 2003 I would need to retype from the magazines, but I found this one from May 2003.  To recap history, this was…

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Stockdog Corner: The Aussie getting established as a breed

STOCKDOG CORNER By Terry Martin, as published in the Aussie Times (date unknown) I thought I would write about the past this time.  If no one does that, it becomes lost.  When I do this, it is the past as I remember it, so I welcome other views and other memories of ASCA’s early years as well as the early years of the Aussies. I was not around when ASCA was incorporated in 1957 and certainly was not around to…

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