Thor - WTCH NightHawk of DreamWinds DNA-CP

 Stud dogs / Posted 8 months ago by WorkingAussieSource

Thor has a great personality even to strange people but he will not obey anyone but family. He has exceeded all of our expectations. He is very biddable and seems to read your mind before you say it. He started working sheep at 4
months of age and now will work anything you ask him to. He will heel or head but prefers the head. He is our first
WTCH and achieved it at 2.5 years of age with a novice handler.

Pedigree Link: Thors Pedigree

  • Registry available: : ASCA, AKC
  • Sire : "Lady' Turkey Runs Lady of the Manor DNA-VP (WCH OTCH A TCH SPCH Rising sun Misk0@Turkey Run ODX UD RNX REX RMXJS-E GS-E-OP RS-E SJ SG SSA SS SR AKC- VCD2 HXAS TD UD RA OA NF OA] DIVA-VP X countrywoods zuzka @ Turkey Run DNA-CP)
  • Dam : "Tramp" Turkey Runs Magic Merlins Tramp STDds DNA-VP (HOF SPCH WCH ATCH-,'I OTCH certik-ærtik RTDCS UDX AKC/ASCA-TD REX RM RS-E-SP]S-E-SP GS-E-SP MAD MJ MG AR AS ERC EGC DNA-CP x Tinroof8abika @Turkey Run CDX RS-N]S-N GS-N DNA-VP)
  • Color : Black tri
  • Lister name : Fancyhands
  • Owner : Dreamwinds
  • Whelp date (or approx) : April, 24, 2013
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