Strong Working Litter Whelped 7/27/2019

 Litters / Posted 5 months ago by Elaine Burkhart

The puppies are 4 weeks old today. They have a very strong stock dog pedigree (all 4 grand parents and several aunties and uncles have successfully competed in ASCA National Finals Competition, including Skyler’s full sister 2016 ASCA Supreme Champion “Oakley” -only 4 dogs in the history of the breed have achieved this highest honor). Most of the pedigree for 5 generations are WTCH’s.

Sire and dam “work” for me. As a large animal DVM my dogs gather and run sheep through handling systems or “hold” them for me to work and are my right hand and body guard at my on-call duties at a large bull stud. It is important to me to have dogs with incredibly strong instinct that I can trust to watch the stock and think on their own -we are a team. My life and some very expensive equipment depends on them. I am usually doing a treatment or using digital ultrasound/x-ray and need someone to watch my back at the bull stud. Many of the bulls we work on are huge and also very valuable so the dogs need to act appropriately and not over excite or injure the stock. Spahn (pup’s sire) especially has a lot of presence and power to control the stock. He does have bite and will hit heads or heels when needed. Skyler (mom) has a lot of finesse and works wide and light on sheep but turns on the power when on cattle -she will also hit heads or heels.
I am hoping to trial them more as I retire. Both parents also do agility, rally and obedience very well-whatever you ask of them. Incredibly loyal, smart, willing and just great buddies.

The videos I included were of Spahn -sire –as a young pup finding his bite fetching cattle for the first time under Betty Williams’ Guidance.  The second video is on Skyler -dam her very first time on sheep -not polished or finished but I think these give the best snap shot of the natural instinct of these dogs.

  • Registry available: : ASCA, AKC
  • Sire : 4Mile High Kickin Spahnie (HOF ATCH-II WTCH 45 Ranch Henry Aaron X HOF WTCH W Lazy J J2 Chipotle Chile)
  • Dam : Sliding S Out Of The Blue (HOF SDCH WTCH-X Twin Oaks Black Bart II X HOF WTCH-X Sweetgrass Painted Blue Skye)
  • Color : Black tri, Red tri
  • Lister name : Elaine Burkhart DVM
  • Referring WAS member : Susan Severns -Sliding S Aussies
  • Owner : Elaine Burkhart
  • Whelp date (or approx) : 7/27/19
  • Public video 1 :
  • Link to video 2 :
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