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Lanes Red Bear ASCA/AKC (DNA Pending) X Beggs Lena From High Plains ASCA/CKC DNA-VP

The cross was done with the rancher in mind, who needs a good working dog for their operation.  Both Lena and Bear earn their keep on large outfits and have proven their worth to their people.  The cross contains foundation lines that are not often see in a pedigree today.  I expect these pups to be a rancher’s type dog.  Cover the miles, biddable but able to think and problem solve on their own.  Both Lena and Bear are proven working partners for both Presley and I, and we expect the same from these pups.

Lena is a softer working bitch that has a great sense of group and has shown interest in working from a young age.  She is used daily in all aspects of our cow/calf operation.  From gathering and driving pairs to taking mineral out, she is always by my side.  Always ready to work, but calm and relaxed in the house.  She is great with my children, but also protective of them and her yard.  She is biddable and loyal to a fault.


Bear also works for a living on a  large ranch in South Dakota with his owner, Presley Chadwick.  Presley has this to say about Bear…”He will hit both ends.  He will work anything (goats, sheep, etc) but he is not the optimal sheep, duck, or goat dog.  He’s simply too intense.  Bear works very naturally and instinctively.  He has only a few commands and the rest he works based on his instinct and natural ability–how we prefer it.”

All colours possible.  This litter will be whelped in Alberta Canada.  The pups with be ASCA & CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) registered and eligible for AKC if imported into the USA.

Litter Due – October 20, 2019



  • Registry available: : ASCA, AKC, CKC (Canadian)
  • Sire : "Bear" - Lanes Red Bear
  • Dam : "Lena" - Beggs Lena From High Plains ASCA/CKC DNA VP
  • Color : Black bi, Red bi, Blue merle
  • Lister name : Kara Inge
  • Referring WAS member : Jean Taylor or Presley Chadwick
  • Owner : Kara Inge - IB Farms
  • Whelp date (or approx) : October 17, 2019
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Alberta,Canada,T9V 3A7 k.inge@me.com

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